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Encryption Algorithms

TrueCrypt volumes can be encrypted using the following algorithms:
Algorithm Designer(s) Key Size
Block Size (Bits) Mode of Operation
AES J. Daemen, V. Rijmen 256 128 XTS
Serpent R. Anderson, E. Biham, L. Knudsen 256 128 XTS
Twofish B. Schneier, J. Kelsey, D. Whiting,
D. Wagner, C. Hall, N. Ferguson
256 128 XTS
AES-Twofish   256; 256 128 XTS
AES-Twofish-Serpent   256; 256; 256 128 XTS
Serpent-AES   256; 256 128 XTS
Serpent-Twofish-AES   256; 256; 256 128 XTS
Twofish-Serpent   256; 256 128 XTS
For information about XTS mode, please see the section Modes of Operation.

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